The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love!
Chapter 2
Kanji 愛の巨大なパタパタ攻撃作戦!
Rōmaji Ai no Kyodai na Patapata Kougeki Sakusen !
Anime Episode(s) Episode 2
The Ninja Rock Lee
Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyuga

The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love! is Chapter 2 of the manga.


Rock Lee asks Sakura Haruno to be his girlfriend and once again, she turns him down. Devastated, Lee walks around and finds an Icha Icha book belonging to Kakashi Hatake on the ground. Reading the x-rated book, Leereveals to his team-mates, Neji Hyūga (who receives a nosebleed for readingthe book) and Tenten that he has discovered the secret to impressing women. With this, he leaves to make Sakura his girlfriend. He finds Sakura with Hinata Hyūga and as she prepares to sit down, he feverishly cleans the bench for her butthis only confuses her and Hinata. Seeing that Sakura isn't paying attention to him, he ignores Tenten's warnings and gives Sakura a bouquet of flowers… with bees. To make her happy, Lee tries to punch them away but he ends up hitting Sakura instead. Saddened she asks Lee what is going on and he tries to confess his feelings to her, however, he gets stung by a bee. Screaming out in pain, he accidentally hits Sakura again and making her think he called her a pig creating her wrath. With seemingly nothing else to go on, Lee tries to kiss her, however his bee stings and bruises cause her to freak more and beat him more telling him to never bother her again. Heartbroken, Tenten tries to cheer Lee up but to no avail. Kakashi then arrives to warn them about enemy Kiri ninja near the edge of the village. Lee remembers Sakura ran in that direction but he still adheres to her"Stay away from me" command. With this Lee begs Kakashi on how to be cool. Kakashi cryptically answers that"Cool guys are guys that protect their precious friends". With this, Lee goes to defend the one he loves. Having seen the Kiri ninja, Sakura is about to be killed by them. However, Lee arrives and defeats them with a bee inspired attack earning an apology from Sakura. As he extends his hand to walk her home, he accidentally grabs her breast earning him a typical Sakura beat down. Defeated once again, he returns to Tenten as he cry away his pain. However, Tenten reminds them that he still defend his precious friend completing his mission. Happy he triesto hug her but he sees another Icha Icha on the ground and Tenten realises he hasn't learned a thing from his exploits.

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