Sakura's Swimsuit
Kanji さくらの水着!!
Rōmaji Sakura no Mizugi!!
Copy Ninja Rock Lee?!
Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!!

Sakura's Swimsuit!! is Chapter 5 of the manga.


Team Guy has been given a vacation, but Lee is still training hard. When Tenten asks Lee to go to the ocean with them, at first he refuses but after hearing about Sakura 's awesome swimsuit, he immediately changes his mind claiming that he could train on the beach as well. As Guy and Lee prepare to do five hundred laps around the beach, as Neji exasperatedly looks on, Tenten tries to show Lee her bathing suit but he ignores her completely looking for Sakura. Tenten subsequently attacks him with several weapons.

After seeing Tenten and Sakura in the water, Lee decides to take his trainingto the ocean in order to sneak a peak at Sakura's swimsuit. Guy however thinks that Lee was applying the resistance of the the water to enhance his training and joins him. Lee incorporates this into his plan to spin all the way over to Sakura but Guy who overdoes it, causes Lee to get caught in the current he was generating from spinning. Determined to execute his own plans Lee starts to spin in the opposite direction to counter Guy creating a huge column of swirling water. In the aftermath, Lee sees a pair of underwear floating in the water and think they're Sakura's. As he carries them to her, she attacks him swelling up his face. As Lee laments that in the end he was still unable to see the awesome bathing suit, it is revealed that Sakura never bothered to wear it because she thought she wasn't ready for it. Lee still managed at the end of it all to find the one she had on, just as good.

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