"Rock Lee is a Ninja who can't use Ninjutsu / Rock Lee's Rival is Naruto"

(ロック・リーは忍術の使えない忍者です / ロック・リーのライバルはナルトです)

April 3, 2012

A girl faces a group of thugs in the Hidden Leaf Village. Lee uses Elimination by Dispantsification to the thug leader and accidentally the claws clutch on his butt, ends up in retreating. Lee, Neji and Tenten engage on a item retrieval mission. It involves of getting a dessert called Baumkuchen, which can be availed at the department store by an exchange of a voucher. As Lee who is about to get the voucher, Naruto suddenly arrives. The two contested on getting the voucher first, and Naruto uses his Shadow Clone Jutsu and Sexy Jutsu. As they arrive on the department store, the owner tells them that they're late and the last Baumkuchen has gone. 


"Love is a part of the Springtime of Youth / Love makes both sides Crazy"

"Koi mo mata seishyuun no Ichi buta no desu / Ai to ha futari de oruka ni taru koto desu"(恋もまた青春の一部なのです / 愛とはふたりで愚かになることです)

April 10, 2012

Rock Lee has a crush on Sakura Haruno. He mounts numerous "love offenses" his target, but Sakura manages to easily brush them off. Later, Lee goes to slip a love letter into her shoebox, in hopes of getting closer to Sakura. 


"A Competition with the Genius Ninja Neji / Tenten's Must-Win Battle"

"Tensai Ninjya Neji to shiyoubu na no desu / Tenten ni wa yuzurenai tatakai ga aruno desu"(天才忍者ネジと勝負なのです / テンテンには譲れない戦いがあるのです)

April 17, 2012

Lee's teammate Neji Hyuga is a talented ninja referred to by many as a genius. 


"Guy-sensei didn' it... / Guy-sensei's Rival is Kakashi-sensei"

"Sore demo Gai-sensei yatte nai...desu / Kakashi-sensei wa Gai-sensei no Ribaru desu!"(それでもガイ先生はやってない…です / カカシ先生はガイ先生のライバルです)

April 24, 2012

Lee's beloved Guy Sensei is arrested for lewd behavior. Lee promises to clear his master’s name. Later, Kakashi Sensei's secret move defeats Guy, and Lee decides to follow Kakashi and become as powerful as he is. 


"I'm Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo / I Save my Lucky Undies for Physicals"

"Konohamaru ni Kenpou wo oshieru no desu / Kenkoushindan wa Shyoubu pantsu de idomimasu"(木ノ葉丸に拳法を教えるのです / 健康診断は勝負パンツで挑みます)

May 1, 2012

Konohamaru usually practices ninjutsu with Naruto. But now he's sought out Rock Lee to learn better hand-to-hand combat skills. Later, Lee and the others are ordered to undergo a routine physical exam. 


"The Leaf Village Sports Meet / Calvary Battles are Part of the Thrill of Youth"

"Konoha no sato no dai undoukai desu / Kibasen wa saishyun no daigomina no desu"(木ノ葉の里の大運動会です/騎馬戦は青春の醍醐味なのです)

May 8, 2012

The Hidden Leaf Village is holding a sports meet. Lee is called to read the Athlete's Pledge of Fair Play, but screws up in front of the entire stadium. Hoping to save face, he swears to outperform everyone at every event. 


"Orochimaru is a B-Type Scorpio / Love Letters are the Ultimate Trap"

"Orochimaru wa Sasori za B Kata desu! / Rabureta wa saidai no wana no desu!"(大蛇丸はさそり座B型です!/ラブレターは最大の罠なのです)

May 15, 2012

Lee and his team are on guard duty at the front gate, but they'll have to be extra vigilant. Later, Lee is flummoxed by Guy-sensei's new "Smooth Operator Fist." 


"Even Hokages Go Bald / Orochimaru is Persistent"

"Hokage datte hagerutoki wa hageruno desu! / Orochimaru wa tottemo shitsukoii otoko nano desu!"(火影だってハゲるときはハゲるのです/大蛇丸はとってもしつこい男なのです)

May 22, 2012

Lee's team is pulling bodyguard duty for the Fifth Hokage Tsunade while she's off on a gambling binge. Later, Orochimaru summons Manda to swallow Tsunade, Naruto, and even Guy-sensei whole! 


"Hinata is Neiji's cousin / Hinata's weakness is Naruto."

"Hinata wa Neji no itokonano desu / Hinata no Jyakuten wa Naruto desu"(ヒナタはネジのいとこなのです/ヒナタの弱点はナルトです)

May 29, 2012

Neji's cousin Hinata is trying to get some training in, but it's not easy with Lee constantly getting in the way. Later, Lee and several others don a familiar orange outfit. 


"Teamwork is indeed a proof of youth. / The criminal is here. It's him!"

"Chiimuwaaku koso seishiyun no akashi desu / Hannin ha kono naka ni iru! desu!"(チームワークこそ青春の証です/犯人はこの中にいる!です!)

June 5, 2012

After seeing Shikamaru and Chouji Akimichi in action, Lee attempts to strengthen his friendship with Neji. On the way to take an IQ test, Lee's team discovers Guy-sensei collapsed on the ground! They'll have to push their brains to the limit to solve this mystery. 


"A Field Trip to the Old Capital! / Girls' Rooms and Candy Boxes!"

(古都といえば、修学旅行です! / 女子の部屋と書いてお菓子箱です!)

June 12, 2012

Lee and Naruto are both dying to be on Sakura's team for a research trip to the old capital city. But when they're stuck with Neji instead, they settle for tailing her. Evening falls and Lee's group wants to slip away from the senseis to go hang out with the girls. 


"The No-Ninjutsu Lifestyle! / I want to Share an Umbrella with Sakura!"

(忍術禁止の体験学習なのです / サクラさんと相合傘をしたいのです)

June 19, 2012

Fed up with their pupils using their ninja skills for the simplest of tasks, Guy and Kakashi set out to teach them some appreciation. Lee is training in the train without an umbrella, when he sees Sakura getting soaked as well. Naruto appears with an umbrella to save the day, and a jealous Lee has to choose between training and love. 


"Student vs. Master! Rock Lee vs. Might Guy! / I will Surpass Guy Sensei!"

"Shiteitaiketsu! Rokku Ri vs Maito Gai desu / Gai Sensei wo Koenruno desu!"(師弟対決!ロック・リーvsマイト。ガイです / ガイ先生を超えるのです!)

June 26, 2012

The ninjas of the Hidden Leaf are being tested on their combat skills, and Team Guy must win a match against their sensei in order to pass. Neji and Tenten succeed using their special moves, but how will Lee stand up to Guy-sensei's Morning Peacock. 


"I Want My Popularity Back! / Death!"

"Ninnjya ni nenki wo toimodo suno desu! / Desu!"(忍者人気を取い戻すのです! / デス!)

July 3, 2012

Fewer children in the Hidden Leaf Village are choosing to become ninjas. Lee goes to talk to Guy-sensei about the issue, only to overhear his idol say "Ninjutsu is the most important part of being a ninja! On his way to visit a hospitalized Guy-sensei, Lee hears Tsunade say he "doesn't have much time left." 


"The Pool's Finally Open! / The Super Happy Orochi-Pool Park!"

"Dokidoki ☆ Puru hiraki desu / Wakuwaku ♥ Orochi Puru Kouen desu!"(ドキドキ ☆ プール開きです / ワクワク ♥ おろちプール園です!)

July 10, 2012

It's summer in the Leaf Village, but the pool's empty. Lee wants to take Sakura on a date, so he, Neji and Tenten go to check out the newly-opened "Super Happy Orochi-Pool Park." And of course, lying in wait is.. 


"The Warring Chef Triad / Time to Tone Down Guy-Sensei!"

"3tsu domoeno ryouri shiyo desu / Gai Sensei wo usukusuruno desu!"(3つ巴の料理シヨーです! / ガイ先生を薄くするのです!)

July 17, 2012

Lee and the gang are out camping, but it's not easy to cook in the great outdoors. When Shikamaru comes up with a plan to pit the girls against each other in a cook-off, Tenten, Sakura and Ino put their pride as women on the line and charge into battle! This year Guy-sensei is in charge of running morning exercises, but he's a lot to deal with first thing in the morning. Lee and the team set out to drum up attendance. 


"Road to Guy! / The Amazing True Story of the Leaf Village Film Festival!"

"ROAD TO GUY desu! / Jitsuroku! Konoha no Sato no mousou eigasai desu!"(ROAD TO GUY です! / じつろく! 木ノ葉の里の妄想映画祭です!)

July 24, 2012

Lee and Tenten grab the latest issue of Jump to get the scoop on the new Naruto movie! But the moment they get it, a bright light blinds them, and when it fades, everyone's personality is totally different! The new Naruto movie is almost here, and Tsunade's worried it's lacking something to make it must-see. Tenten overhears the Hokage and works with Lee and Neji to figure out what's missing. 


"Boom! The Shinobi Fireworks Show! / Bang! Tenten's Acting Weird!"

(ドキッ!忍者だらけの花火大会です! / ギクッ!テンテンの様子がオカシイです!)

July 31, 2012

The Leaf Village is holding a fireworks show, including a contest to see which ninja can make the biggest boom. Guy-sensei orders Lee to win at any cost! After the fireworks show, Tenten starts acting strange. Neji and Lee set her up for numerous punchlines, but she just doesn't seem to want to play the part this week. 


"Summer means Seashell Styles! / Watermelon Wars!"

(夏はやっぱり貝パンスタイルです! / スイカップを巡る激闘です!)

August 7, 2012

Team Guy and Team Kakashi head to the beach. Lee wants to scope out Sakura's "amazing" new bathing suit, but Guy-sensei makes him train instead. Lee wants to have fun by splitting watermelons, but Guy-sensei turns it into a training exercise. It's a race for survival to get a crack at the perfect target! 


"I want to be friends with Gaara! / The Rock Lee Impostor Strikes!"

(我愛羅くんと仲良くなろう。です! / ロック・リーのニセモノ現る!です!)

August 14, 2012

Rock lee and the gang go to do a mission in the sand village. Thinking Lee still has something against gaara, Tenten and the others try to bring them together. A Rock Lee impostor appears and starts ruining Lee's good name. Lee's group attempt to catch him using a cross-dressing Neji as bait,when they finally find the imposter they have a short battle! 


"A Hot Night for a Chilling Tale / The Hokage Tears aren't for Decoration!"

(寝苦しい夜は身も凍る怖い話です / 火影様の涙は飾りじゃないのです!)

August 21, 2012

It's a sweltering summer night, but Guy-sensei wants Lee and the boys to cool themselves off without air conditioning. Lee and Konohamaru set out to solve one of the “Seven Mysteries of the Leaf” - “The Tears of Mount Hokage.” 


"Always Do Your Homework at the Last Minute! / Class 3-Lee! We Are Team Guy!"

"Shyukudaito wa kigen zennjitsuni yaruno gakihon desu! / 3nen ri-gumi! Gai-han desu!"(宿題とは期限前日にやるのが基本です! / 3ー年りーぐみ! ガイ班です!)

August 28, 2012

Lee and Naruto seek help from their friends the day before their summer homework is due. Unfortunately for them, they also seem to have forgotten all the craziness that happened over the summer. Lee's team visits the Academy, only to find a class of lazy kids who mock Lee for working so hard. 


"Naruto is Lee and Lee is Naruto! / I Dream of Walking with the Nine-tails!"

"Naruto ga Ri de Ri ga Naruto, desu! / Kyuubikun to osanposuru ga yume desu!"(ナルトがリーでリーがナルトで、です! / 九尾くんとお散歩するのが夢です!)

September 4, 2012

Ino catches Naruto and Lee trying to peep on Sakura while she's in the bath, but when she misfires with her Mind-Body Switch jutsu, Lee and Naruto end up swapping bodies! 


"I'm Sai's New Agent! / Win Lady Tsunade's Heart!"

"Sai.wo Purodusa desu! / Tsunade-sama no Hato wo GET YOU desu!"(サイ。をプロデュースです! / 綱手さまのハートをGETYOUです!)

September 11, 2012

It's the Leaf Village culture festival, and Lee is convinced Sai wants to stand out more. Poor Sai... The “Mr. Leaf Village” contest is just around the corner. 


"Gaara's First Crush! / A Gift From Orochimaru!"

"Gaarakun no mune kiyunn ☆ hatsukoi deto desu / Orochimaru kara no purezento desu"(我愛羅くんの胸キユン☆初恋デートです / 大蛇丸からのプレゼントです)

September 18, 2012

When Lee notices the middle character on Gaara's forehead has changed from “Love” to “Romance,” he's convinced the Kazekage's got a crush on someone and sets out to learn their identity. Lee gets a booby-trapped watch from Orochimaru that will explode if he stops training. Or if Neji cross-dresses. Or Tenten overreacts. 


"The Green Flame, Dodge Lee! / The Yes-Man Says No!"

(蒼い炎の逃球児・ドッジ☆リーです /ブラック企業の言いなりはコリゴリです)

September 25, 2012

Lee's convinced the upcoming dodgeball tournament is going to be a silly game for kids, until a few choice words from Guy-sensei light a fire in his soul. After a fight with Orochimaru, Kabuto sets out to prove he's better than his former boss by joining Lee's group. 


"My First Five-Star Sushi! / Friendship, Effort, and Victory!"

"Mawaranaio sushi hatsutaiken desu! / Yuujyou-doryouku-shyouri wa eien no sangensoku desu!"(まわらないお寿司初体験です! / 友情-努力-勝利は永遠の三原則です!)

October 2, 2012

Lady Tsunade hits a lottery jackpot and promises to take Lee and the gang out for five-star sushi, but needs Kakashi and Guy's help to get out of it when she notices her ticket was off by one number. Iruka-sensei's had enough with his disobedient students, so Lee and the gang come to the Academy to put on a show. 


"Hunting for Mastsutake Mushrooms! / Lee and Neji Part Ways!"

(食欲の秋!マツタケ狩りに行くのです! / リーとネジ、決別の時です!)

October 9, 2012

Naruto, Lee and the others go out hunting for matsutake mushrooms, but there are none to be found after the abnormally hot summer. Neji's finally had enough of being forced to cross-dress for Lee's skits, and turns his back on Lee. 


"We're Here to Welcome Gaara! / The Ultimate Autumn Diet!"

(我愛羅くんを接待するのです! / 秋のダイエット大作戦です!)

October 16, 2012

Gaara decides to come and visit the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Lee and his pals are awaiting his arrival and Lee goes a little overboard as usual to satisfy Gaara's visit there. The young, female kunoichi of the Leaf Village seem to be looking for ways to be thinner and they soon turn to Guy Sensei. 


"Autumn Shinobi Safety Lessons! / Deidara's Art is Always a Blast!"

(秋の忍術安全運動です! / 先輩の芸術はいつでも爆発中です!)

October 23, 2012

With a lot of ninjas getting injured do to carelessness, Lady Tsunade sets out to teach her charges the importance of safety. Lady Tsunade puts Lee and the gang in charge of the village Halloween celebration, but Deidara and Tobi are on hand to show them what real terror is all about. 


"Nothing Beats Mixed Bathing! / October 27th was Orochimaru's Birthday..."

(温泉は混浴に限るのです! / 10月27日は大蛇丸の誕生日!でした・・・)

October 30, 2012

Orochimaru realizes his birthday, October 27th, came and went without anyone noticing, and he wants Lee to suffer the same anguish. 


"Sakura's My Nurse! / One Vote for Rock Lee!"

(サクラさんに看病してもらうのです! / ロック・リーに清き一票を!です!)

November 6, 2012

With Tsunade taking a day off working at the Leaf Village hospital, Sakura takes her place and Naruto and Lee decide to take this chance to get closer to Sakura so they fake their way into getting sick. Many test and trials lay ahead of them into faking their sickness. Voting time is coming to a close in the Leaf Village. Many candidates are running for the most popular spot but only one can win. Lee tries to run but ends up not even being ranked. Now it's Lee's job to make himself count. 


"Might Guy - A Story of Love and Hair / Substitute Narrator"

(マイト・ガイ 愛と髪の日々です / ナレーションに挑戦するのです!)

November 13, 2012

By being deceived by Orochimaru, Might Guy used a shampoo that removed the top part of his hair, making him bald. Now Lee and the gang try everything to fix his problem. At the beginning, the Narrator seems sick and Lee decides to fill in his spot. 


"Save Ichiraku Ramen! / Vacations are for Training!"

(一楽の危機を救うのです! / 休みの日も修行です!)

November 20, 2012

Ichiraku Ramen is starting to go bankrupt because of a new ramen shop across the street. Now it's up to Lee and the gang to find a way to bring back the popularity to Ichiraku's place. Tenten and Neji try their very best to teach Lee to take a break every now and then. Will Lee follow unto their words? 


"Caring for Animals is Hard Work / Howl at the Naruto!"

(いきもののお世話は大変なのです / ナルトにほえろ!です)

November 27, 2012

For some odd reason, all of Lee's team is given a pet to take care of. Guy finds this a perfect opportunity to teach Lee to become closer to animals. Hinata's and Lee's team decide to help Hinata get closer to Naruto. They've already gone the offensive, so now they're going defensively and to let them get closer naturally. 


"Tenten vs. Temari! / Orochimaru's Search for Love!"

(テンテンvsテマリです! / 大蛇丸の婚活です!)

December 4, 2012

Tenten and Temari once again face in a battle, and Tenten manages to win with the help of her green tank-top embedded with a summoning weapon. Her new jutsu's name spread in the village and become a sensation instead of her victory. Orochimaru gets lonely and decides to ask Rock Lee's help in finding a partner. However, he fails again. 


"Guy Sensei is the New Hokage! / IQ: 200, Status: Troublesome"

(ガイ先生が火影さまなのです! / IQ200はめんどくさいのです)

December 11, 2012

Things soon get out of hand, now that Guy is the temporary Hokage. Lee's and Shikamaru's teams are sent out to find rogue ninjas, but with Shikamaru leading the way, things start to get a little troublesome. 


"Infiltrate Akatsuki's Hideout! / A Desperate Escape Plan!"

(暁のアジトに潜入です! / 決死の脱出大作戦です!)

December 18, 2012

Lee's team is given a mission to spy on the Akatsuki by dressing up as them and are soon addressed as the newest member. Now that more and more members keep coming to investigate on the "new member", they start to think up a way for escape.. 


"Christmas is the Last Chance for Love! / Cleanup is a Chance to Wash Away the Past!"

(クリスマスは恋の最終決戦です! / 大掃除は一年間の後悔と恥を洗い流すことです!)

December 25, 2012

The Hidden Leaf Village holds a big Christmas party, but with so many ninjas competing for one another's affections, will the Secret Santa turn into a battle for survival? It's time for the yearly cleanup, and in his zeal to finish quickly and ask Sakura on a date, Lee accidentally throws away something very important… 


"A New Year's Escape Clause / Naruto Under Surveillance!"

(お正月からメンツをかけた人生すごろくです! / ナルトを見極めるのです!)

January 8, 2013

Lee and the gang catch the adults in a game tournament, and the grand prize is not having to give their pupils a New Year's gift! Neji decides to observe Naruto and determine once and for all if the orange ninja is worthy of Hinata's affections. 


"An Endless Nightmare / A Creation from the Future!"

(終わらない悪夢なのです / 未来から来たカラクリです!)

January 15, 2013

Lee and his team get stuck in a storm and they have to keep each other awake or else they freeze to death. Lee gets visited by his future self but it turns out to be Orochimaru in disguise. 


"Shino Loves Insects / Tenten Fights a Maiden's Battle!"

(虫愛づるシノ、です / テンテン、乙女の戦場で炎上です!)

January 22, 2013

With the weather being too cold, Shino's bugs are forced to stay inside Shino to keep themselves warm and so Lee and his pals are off to find bugs to help fight with Shino. Tenten and the other female kunoichi prepare themselves as they go to war in the mall. 


"17 Nights of Staying Out of Sight / Cleaning the Bathroom Cleanses the Soul"

(存在感を消したい17の夜です / トイレ掃除は心も綺麗にするのです!)

January 29, 2013

When the team gets assigned to infiltrate an illegal chakra-trading ring, Lee goes to Sai for advice on how to blend in with the crowd. A nefarious neer-do-well keeps leaving the village bathrooms a filthy disgusting mess, so Tsunade appoints Lee's team as guards. 


"The Staff Will Eat the Beans Afterwards! / The Raikage is Under Attack!"  

February 5, 2013

Lee and his team are chosen to be Onis for the Setsubun event but Orochimaru once again, attempts to ruin their plans. After a long mission outside of the Hidden Cloud Village, the team end up protecting the Raikage. 


"A Fiery Snow Sculpting Contest! / The Battlefield Called Valentine's Day!"  

February 12, 2013

The cold, wintry, weather takes effect to the people of the Leaf Village and even saddens Tsunade! So Guy holds an ice sculpture contest to see who can bring Tsunade's spirits back up and said the winner will get the rights to kiss anyone they chose. Neji, Lee, and Naruto go on a very dangerous journey to receive chocolates from the girls. 

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