Copy Ninja Rock Lee?!
Chapter 4
Kanji コピー忍者ロックリー!
Rōmaji Kopi^ Ninja Rokku Ri^?!
Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyuga
Sakura's Swimsuit!!

Copy Ninja Rock Lee?! is Chapter 4 of the manga.


After Lee , Neji and Tenten meet up, they see Guy and Kakashi about to enter into one of their famous"heated" battles. Guy who is apparently sick, sneezes and Kakashi uses the opening to attack him with the One Thousand Years of Death technique. After believing that Kakashi had now defeated Guy twenty times, Lee ponders whether or not he needs a new mentor and asks Neji to help him practise the One Thousand Years of Death technique to which Neji declines outright so Lee moves on to practise on a dummy. The next day as Tenten and Neji wait to set out on a mission with Kakashi, Lee arrives dressed exactly like Kakashi even with a copy of Icha Icha in hand. After the initial shock the team sets out assuming that Kakashi would catch up with them eventually. Unbeknownst to them, Guy watches on from behind a post.

Upon encountering shinobi from Yugakure , who believe Lee to be Kakashi but ask for proof by showing them his Sharingan . As Lee lifts up his forehead protector to reveal a Sharingan much to Tenten's shock who had thought that he would surelybe found out. Lee then explains that he had put in a contact lens . As Tenten turns to Neji, he states that with contacts he could finally perfect that technique : the " Byaku-Sharingan " much to Tenten's dismay. As the enemy shinobi realise that there was no scar over Lee's left eye, they call him out as a fake. Lee uses his speed to get behind the ninja however and use the One Thousand Years of Death technique but is unsuccessful because of metal plating that the ninja had putthere to protect that area. He then claims that Sakumo Hatake had used the technique on him in the past. As the ninja surround Lee, Tenten calls to Neji for them to aid Lee but Neji is unable to see due to contracting dry eye from the contacts. Just as the situation looks dire, Guy and Kakashi appear. Kakashi tells Lee that Guy came all the way out there in his sick state to show Lee the path he should walk as a shinobi. The three men then use the " Three Thousand Years of Death " technique and send the shinobi flying. It is later cleared up what Kakashi meant by "twenty consecutive wins" as the two men tearfully reunite. Lee and Guy are laterseen training to use the One ThousandYears of Death technique on dummies.

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